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Have you ever wondered why some yoga poses are easy for you, while other poses, which other yogis seem to do with ease, are ridiculously hard for you? 

This workshop will teach you how your individual anatomy determines what yoga poses come easy to you and which ones don't. But more importantly, it will teach you what poses and exercises to focus on to make the poses that are challenging for you approachable. In the process, you will learn relevant anatomy and better biomechanics, the importance of acceptance, and how to make your practice more balanced and thus ultimately more effective and beneficial.

SESSION 1: The Biomechanics and Philosophy of What’s Stopping Me 

Friday March 1st, 6 - 9pm (this session is a pre-requisite for participation in session 2 and 3)

In this session, you will learn about the four primary issues that keep you from practicing particular poses. You will practice distinguishing between limitations that can be changed, and limitations that cannot. Lastly, we will practice effective techniques for addressing the former, and learn effective techniques for accepting the latter. If we are willing to learn that limitations aren’t always there to be overcome, then limitations can become truly powerful teachers. 

SESSION 2: What's stopping me in the lower torso? 

Saturday March 2nd, 1:30 - 4:30pm 

We all know that tight hips are limiting but they do not simply limit our ability to come into a wide range of challenging poses, they also have a dramatically negative effect on our overall wellbeing. Why are our hips so tight? Because we are experts at avoiding opening them, even while diligently practicing hip openers! 


One core focus of this session is learning how to practice hip openers in such a way that they actually open your hips, rather than hurting your lower back or your knees. We will also learn when to stop trying to open them by learning to distinguish between limitations due to tension and those due to compression. Lastly, in the process of learning how to open our hips effectively, we will also discover that those same techniques dramatically improve our ability to build core strength. In this session we will address hip openers, forward bends, and arm balances among other poses.

SESSION 3: What's stopping me in the upper torso? 

Sunday March 3rd, 1:30 - 4:30pm 

For most people, the other major area of limitation is the shoulder girdle. In this session we will discover how tight shoulders and a stiff neck may be even more detrimental to our overall wellbeing than tight hips. We will assess our shoulder range of motion and strength, and will learn effective techniques for addressing both, while learning how to avoid all too common shoulder injuries. We will also learn the importance of relaxation in order to move our arms and upper spine with dramatically safer and more enjoyable biomechanics.  In this session we will address shoulder openers, backbends, and inversions among other poses. 

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Gernot has been practicing and studying yoga since 1996. His yoga background includes Anusara, Iyengar, Forrest, Kripalu, and Ashtanga Yoga, and he holds a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate from a Yoga-Alliance-registered teacher training program. Born in South Africa and raised in Germany, Gernot has spent 20 years in the United States as well as significant amounts of time in Argentina and Thailand. Gernot speaks English, German, and Spanish, as well as some French and Thai. He holds a bachelor's degree in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University and a master's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University.

In his teachings, Gernot draws on a broad range of life experiences that includes working in Silicon Valley, traveling extensively in Asia and South America, volunteering for antiglobalization and alternative-transit non-profits, conducting biological fieldwork in California's Sierra Nevada and Argentina's Pampa, and teaching wildlife monitoring to inner city youth. He also loves bicycling and wilderness travel, and practices Vipasana meditation. His varied life experiences help Gernot relate to yoga students from all walks of life, and help him transmit the essential teachings of yoga in a way that makes them come alive on and off the mat.


One session: US$40    |    Two sessions: US$70    |    All three sessions: US$100

As the name implies, this workshop is for every body - there are no prerequisites for attending this workshop, however session 1 on Friday is required in order to attend the following sessions. A few days before the workshop, we will send a questionnaire to all the students who have signed up for all 3 sessions asking them which specific poses they would like to have covered in detail in the workshop