Nourish Yourself
30 Day Yoga and Wellness Program
January 8th - February 6th, 2017
Kick off the New Year with a commitment to your personal well-being. Join founders of Yangon Yoga House and Nourish Café in a month-long program focused on developing a regular yoga, meditation and mindful eating practice.  Start 2017 by creating a positive impact on your overall health and happiness – and nourish your body and soul. 
Deepen your yoga practice
Dive into your asana practice with three yoga studio classes a week, supplemented by a home practice. Fine-tune your alignment to enhance stability and take your practice to the next level while protecting yourself from injury
Meditate daily
Build a toolkit to create a regular meditation practice. Practice various techniques to meditation including mindfulness, visualization, mantra, and create a personal plan to build a routine of meditating daily.
Eat with mindfulness
Establish sustainable and healthy way of eating by bringing more awareness into your dietary habits. Tune in to your own body signals and set mindful eating habits that support your personal health goals.
Program Guidelines
Yoga Alignment Clinic
With Jojo and Jerome
Break down fundamental alignment principles of a vinyasa sequence to help you discover misalignments and unproductive habits in your own asana practice. Find greater ease and mobility through fine-tuning.
Starting to Meditate
With Joanna
Learn basic principles of meditation and ways to tackle the common challenges people face in creating a regular practice. Experience various meditation techniques and create a personal meditation plan.

We begin with a 2.5 Hour workshop on January 8th to establish guiding principles for each component of the wellness program

Eating Mindfully
With Tammi
Understand what it means to eat mindfully and learn simple ways to start tuning in to what your body tells you.  Identify your own personal health goals and diet habits to support those goals. 

Nourish Yourself Program Includes:

  • 2.5 Hour Workshop on January 8th from 2 - 5PM

  • 12 Class Pass for either Yoga Studio valid through February 6th

  • 4 Weekly Healthy Snack Packs from Nourish Café including Granola, snack mixes, dips and spreads, energy bars, cleansing elixirs (30,000+ kyat value each week)

  • 4 Weekly group check-in meetings

  • 4 Weekly emails with mini-assignments, tips and inspiration for your yoga, meditation, and eating habits

  • Open communication with Jojo, Jerome, Joanna and Tammi to discuss progress and challenges toward your goals


  • $199 or 270,000 mmk

  • Existing class passes will be suspended for the month (and expiration dates will be extended by 30 days) 

  • The 12 Class Pass from the Nourish Yourself Program cannot be extended or transferred

Questions? Email us at and one of the program coordinators will get back to you ASAP. 

Receive mini-assignments each week related to the three components of the program, and share your experience with others during weekly group gatherings at the studio (time will be decided collectively each week). In addition, to get you on the path to eating well, each week you will receive a Healthy Snack Pack with a variety of Nourish classics such as granola, energy bars and bliss balls, as well as off-menu items specifically designed for the Snack Pack.