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Saturday May 25, 3 to 6 pm & Sunday May 25, 1 to 4 pm

Using themes skillfully in your classes infuses your teaching with meaning. It is a way to stay both inspired as a teacher and relevant for your students. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘sandwiching’ a theme, in other words only relating to the theme at the start and end of class. In this training we will look at how we can creatively thread the idea through the whole practice. A well crafted theme makes for depth of practice and a full well-rounded experience for your students. It can give them something deeper and more meaningful to take away from the class in terms of how to integrate yoga into their lives off the mat as well as keep you continuously inspired and evolving as a teacher.


  • Choosing relevant themes for your classes

  • How to layer your teaching to create depth of experience

  • How to consistently weave a theme through the whole class

  • Group work and group discussion

  • Individual teaching


  • A practical template to map out an integrated theme

  • Tools for varied, nuanced and layered teaching

  • Inspiration to find new and engaging themes for classes

  • Inspiration to teach yoga which supports students’ lives off the mat

  • Inspiration to stay authentic, relevant and ignited as a teacher

This workshop will be very experiential and focus on practical application with opportunity for discussion, group work and individual teaching practice including feedback and reflection. The aim is to find ways to weave and integrate themes more fully into class, so that all parts of the practice support the experience and reflect your chosen focus.


$70 for both 3-hour workshops

20% discount for teachers of Yangon Yoga House


200-hour TTC or intention to share the yoga practice with others



Imogen hails from London, England and trained under the expert eye of Katy Appleton and teaches dynamic Vinyasa flow decended from the Krishnamacharya lineage. More recently she enhanced her teaching becoming one of Judith Hanson Lasater's Relax and Renew® certified restorative yoga teachers and is currently in the process of completing her 500hrs with Tiffany Cruikshank to become a Yoga Medicine certified teacher. She has been practising yoga since her teens and has a background in reiki and the energetic body. Imogen believes yoga is the key to balance in life both on and off the mat. 


With breath being central to her classes, Imogen combines uplifting sequencing with a simple yet potent lunar antidote. Through her teaching she hopes to inspire possibility, self-awareness and self-nourishment. Imogen fiercely believes that yoga is for everyone, that it is a vital tradition that transcends all race and religion, fundamental in all of our lives more so now than ever before.  She is grateful to all her teachers and to those who have touched her on her yoga path.