Workshop with Julie


Yoga can do wonders for building strength and maintaining flexibility, but did you know that cross-training can also do wonders for your yoga? Targeted weight training allows us to isolate muscles so that we can concentrate on building strength in very specific areas of the body and focus on the brain to muscle communication. If you're not quite sure whether you've been activating correctly in yoga postures, weight training can teach you how to through simple movements. Training through the use of weights also allows us to increase strength incrementally by adding more weight over time. Once we've learnt how to move the body safely, adding speed to increase the heart rate enables us to strengthen the most important muscle in the body, the heart.


Join Julie for a 2-part workshop that will take you through flow, break down common areas of weakness, learn how to properly use free-weights and other simple props to strengthen muscles, move through a short circuit training, and end with some juicy stretches. This workshop is not just about how to strength train, but specifically how to strength train in a way that makes  your yoga practice lighter, more stable and that much more enjoyable. 

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Yoga practitioners who would like to build more strength in their practice

  • Anyone interested in learning how to use free weights and props for simple exercises at home and in the gym

  • Anyone interested in adding simple cardio exercises into their routine. We'll take it slowly so there's no need to be intimidated

  • Students who already take the Total Body Sculpt class, but would like a more in depth breakdown into proper form.


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Julie has been a teacher at Yangon Yoga House for over two years now. She began practicing yoga in 2003 and teaching in 2011. Julie's own personal lifestyle reflects what this workshop is about. She is dedicated to her yoga practice, but spends just as much time learning about strength and physical integration in the gym, as well as improving cardio fitness through running and high intensity interval training. 

Julie has found tremendous benefit in cross-training and is on a mission to show others how it can help them too. She believes that each person has different needs, so her approach is thoughtful and nurturing. Yoga and mindfulness philosophy is an integral part of building a unique and sustainable health and wellness routine. 


Saturday January 19, 2pm - 4:30pm


Sunday January 20, 2pm - 4:30pm


Sessions can be taken individually or together


Early -bird price until January 7

One session US$35; Both sessions US$60

Regular price after January 7

One session US$40; Both sessions US$70