Sonic yoga using singing bowls amplifies the deep, restorative effect of Yin yoga. In Yin yoga long holds in the asana are directed towards the health and integrity of the connective tissues and joints. They are designed to release and rebalance the pranic energy stored in the body's energy power vortexes, known as the chakras. We use 7 Singing bowls composed of 7 metals during the practice. They are tuned to the frequency of the chakras and to their assigned elements corresponding to the first 5 chakras; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.


Through the practice, imbalance can be restored to internal vibrations which are out of sync with the body's natural rhythm and flow, which are often the cause of illness or dis-ease. By the application of soothing external vibrations, while holding the pose, the singing bowl corresponding to a particular chakra/element is chimed, thus resetting the frequency. Harmony is re-established and relaxation can more easily take place.


This workshop takes you through 5 element theory and Yin yoga practice, establishing the connection between the vibration of the singing bowls and the yoga asana. Experience is what yoga is all about, the opportunity to unite mind and body so that we can learn as we listen to what our bodies are telling us. Through a 2 hour practice as the body opens, the combination of holding the pose and the vibration of the singing bowl enhances the mood of relaxation and gives more space in the mind, allowing you to surrender, observe and cultivate movements into stillness to promote healing and peace of mind.


In the final asana, a long savasana, that moment in Yoga when the body lies still and the introspection, calming and grounding are integrated, the Singing Bowls will continue to sing. The effect is to further enhance the benefits in the same way a Yoga nidra enhances the deep yogic sleep, only in this case through a calming Sonic Bath. Sonic Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote to fatigue and stress, and is a unique practice that brings complete balance to the yoga experience. This workshop will be co-taught by Jacqueline and Daniel. While Jacqueline guides your asana practice, Daniel takes you on a singing bowl journey into bliss.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s yoga journey started in 2001 with Hatha Yoga and she started to teach Yin Yoga in Laos 4 years ago. She has studied with teachers who are themselves close to the origins of the Yin tradition. She loves Yin practice because it leads us straight to the roots of yoga: a journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.



About Daniel

Daniel has been practicing hatha yoga for 20 years, training in different schools and in the past 5 years has been studying the energy body through elemental yoga, a school that integrates the lessons of our natural environment into the human experience and takes Yoga back to its therapeutic roots. He also practices the Chinese energy movement Qi Gong, and works as a Wellness therapist using tools like craniosacral treatments and the vibrational healing effect of singing bowl therapy.


Date: Saturday March 11, 2pm - 5pm

Location: Downtown Studio

Price: Regular US$45, Early bird US$35 if paid in full by March 4.

INTRODUCTION (2pm - 2:30pm)

  • Introduction to Yin Yoga and the Singing Bowl

  • The 5 element theory

  • The effect and benefits of the combined practice

EXPERIENCE (2:30pm -  4:30pm)

  • Guided meditiation, journey through the Elements (with singing bowl accompaniment) 

  • Yin Yoga and sonic bath


CLOSING (4:30pm - 5pm)

  • Closing comments

  • Questions and answers

  • Final meditation.