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This 2-part engaging and informative workshop led by Singapore-based yoga teacher Kathy Gabriel is designed for anyone who has a spine and an interest in tapping into it’s real potential. This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • An experiential inquiry on to understand the structure and function of the spine 

  • An experiential inquiry to understand your breath and how it can affect your spinal health

  • a way to move intelligently with more awareness and control especially in the yoga practice 

  • how to change your habitual movement patterns in relation to your spine

  • how we relate to pain, why we hurt when we hurt and how to overcome 

  • learn modifications and techniques for certain spine pathologies

  • learn how misinformed cues, pose alignments can exacerbate existing spinal issues and health


Friday June 28

6:00 - 8:30 pm

Dive deep into the science and anatomy of breathing, its function and capacity to manage your postural and emotional health.The spine is intimately connected with the respiratory diaphragm, and understanding their symbiotic relationship and how to harness its true potential can significantly improve your movement, posture and also manage back pain. This 2.5 hour workshop is structured as part lecture, part experiential learning to take your understanding of pranayama beyond it being a conscious breath regulation exercise practiced in the ancient tradition of Yoga. Different techniques that span from various traditions will be used to expand your lung capacity and truly harness the power of breath in down regulating your stress response, affect your overall sense of embodiment, improve the articulations and expressions of health in your Spine. 


Saturday June 29

1:30 - 4:00 pm

This workshop takes on an integrated approach to spinal anatomy, health and understanding of spinal articulation when you move or practice yoga. Navigate the architecture of the spine in a brief lecture followed by an experiential learning practice to help you enhance spinal mobility without pain and injury. Learn how misinformed asana alignment and techniques can exacerbate existing spinal issues. During the practice, we will look into more common spinal pathologies and learn various techniques to effectively address postural imbalances and manage back pain. This 2.5 hour workshop will also touch on our embryological beginnings to help you understand the sanctity of the spine, expanding your concept of health beyond physiological factors. 


ABOUT KATHY GABRIEL Kathy is an international yoga teacher currently based in Singapore. Although yoga and complementary health was always in her family, she only picked up yoga as a teenager during a spiritual seeking shortly after her mother passed. Through her practice, she learned to how find solace, balance and ease. This later hugely influenced the way she connects and teaches her students. Teaching since 2013, her classes draw from many different traditions which weave into an intuitive blend of Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Thai massage. She is also a trained sound healer and often incorporates sound therapy and mantra invocation in her classes. Through breath, philosophy and movement, she hopes to help you find what feels good and ultimately cultivate a deeper connection with yourself. Having led over 20 retreats in various locations around Asia since 2016, Kathy enjoys creating and holding space for others to further their personal development and spirituality. When she’s not leading workshops and retreats, she runs a mentorship programme for newly trained and seasoned yoga teachers alike who are aspiring to turn their passion into a successful business. She also runs a leading community collective called Urban Yogis in Singapore. Working with a community of Teachers from all over the world, Urban Yogis offers a unique, fun and accessible way for everyone to enjoy yoga outside of the traditional studio setting.

Dates and Times:

Friday June 28th, 6 - 8:30 pm

Saturday June 29th, 1:30 - 4 pm


Single session US$40; Both sessions US$70

Online registration requires credit card payment; if you wish to pay by cash, email to register