Learn techniques to release tension through the whole body just about anywhere, anytime, using all natural therapy balls designed by The Movement Tree

Roll & Release Therapy Ball Workshops with Minyoung Kim

March 31 & April 1, 2018 at YYH Downtown


Discover simple and effective myofascial release techniques with Minyoung Kim - Director of The Movement Tree Training Program and senior Yoga & Pilates trainer. This series of workshops uses The Movement Tree's custom designed biodegradable and non-toxic therapy balls to release trigger points and rejuvenate fascia. Gain a basic overview of fascial anatomy and learn techniques for actively releasing chronic stress and tension using large and small therapy balls. Each workshop has a unique focus and incorporates various methods and movements to lead you into therapeutic bliss and give you the tools you need to self-massage any time you need it!  No prior experience in these techniques is necessary.

Workshop Offerings

Myofascial Self Release 2-Hour Masterclass

March 30, 2018

Saturday March 31st 10:30A - 12:30P


In this all-levels masterclass, use small and large therapy balls to roll and release the body into a state of ease and relaxation. We will begin with a brief explanation of functional movement and theory behind myofascial release, before exploring techniques to release tension in fascia throughout the upper body, spine, glutes and legs. Gain the tools you need to offer a self-massage with therapy balls any time you need it!

Fees: $22 or two class passes

Functional Core Training

March 30, 2018

Saturday March 31st 1:30P - 4:30P

Practice techniques to functionally strengthen and mobilize the core utilizing therapy balls. Using theTherapy Balls will isolate the deep core muscles (transverse abdominus) while supporting the lower back, resulting in a more effective, sustainable and deeper core engagement.. Dive into core therapeutics and discover the most effective and fundamental core exercises to strengthen, stabilize and balance the core. 

Fees: $45 for 3-hour workshop

Office Syndrome Therapy

March 31, 2018

Sunday April 1st 11:30A - 2:30P​


This workshop is designed specifically for desk warriors who want to discover quick, easy and on-the-go stress and pain relief techniques with therapy balls. Using both small and big therapy balls, we will target the trigger points where tension is most commonly held from extended periods of sitting - lower and upper back tension, shoulder and neck stiffness, facial strain, and tightness in hips and glutes. Learn techniques to use at your desk or any time you need some release.

Fees: $45 for 3-hour workshop

Myofascial Anatomy and Teaching Techniques

March 31, 2018

Sunday April 1st 3:00P - 5:30P​


This workshop is for fitness professionals, personal trainers and yoga teachers who wish to dive deeper into how and why myofascial release works. We will discuss theories of pain management and active release. Learn how to properly structure a 60 minute Myofascial Release class and how to cue students through various techniques and movements.

Fees: $45 for 2.5-hour workshop

SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR INSTRUCTORS: $135 for ALL 4 workshops PLUS a set of 4 therapy balls (Total value: $192)

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Workshop Registration

Workshops are limited to 20 participants and are expected to fill so book your spot! If you have any inquiries, please know that you can contact us at  In order to secure your spot, payments are due upon registration. We accept online credit card payments or cash at either of our yoga studio locations. Payment via Paypal direct transfer is also possible. If you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal, you will receive directions for making payment upon registration.

About Minyoung

Minyoung is a senior yoga and Pilates teacher trainer, the first Yoga Alliance certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Thailand and the owner and director of The Movement Tree Continuing School of Education for Movement Instructors. Her work consists of international workshops, teacher trainings and her private clientele who include foreign dignitaries, Thai royalty and CEO’s of international companies. As a trained researcher and anthropologist, Minyoung has a slight obsession with functional anatomy and its application to active rehab and recovery, yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, etc. She combines her unique approach of anatomical knowledge with frank humor and real world application. Minyoung is a lover of keeping it real, home cooked meals and sleep.