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Cutting through boundaries & obstacles with the power of sound

“Modern Science is proving to you that the whole existence is just a reverberation, where there is a reverberation there is bound to be a sound, so the whole existence is sound.” --Sadhguru

Are you feeling stuck? Facing a hurdle? Looking for ways to deepen your meditation or just harmonize your mind?    


This Nada Yoga workshop will use the practice of sound and vibration to clear away what hinders you. Using the archetypal power of Ganesh to guide the Nada practice, together we will explore movement, breath and voice in order to gain new tools to strengthen your practice.

Nada means ‘flow of sound’ and has a long history as a yoga practice. The methods use breath and vocal toning to listen to one’s own inner sound, move through obstructions into personal transformation. Nada Yoga uses the power of sound to restore physical and mental health, harmonizing vibrations down to the cellular level and synchronizing the bandwidths of brain waves.   

Ganesh is the Hindu god renown for removing obstacles. Tapping in to his elephant power through Nada, the workshop will include the practices of vocal toning and breath work, dynamic movement through asana and dance, chanting of Ganesh mantra and exploring the power of mudra. If you like sharing your voice and are interested in expanding your yoga or spiritual practice through chanting and movement, this workshop is a dynamic way to explore the power of vibration and release inner joy through Nada Yoga.

Workshop will include a handout with take-away activities to continue the practice.

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Regina is originally from the green and lush West Coast forests of the USA. She has spent the past twenty five years exploring meditation, yoga, and healing. She is a Reiki Master, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has studied body-work, Qi-gong, and yoga around the world.  After completing a 300-Hour certification in Acupressure and Reiki in California, Regina studied traditional massage in Thailand and then moved to Hong Kong where she continued to study TCM and Five Element Qi-gong. A long-time yoga practitioner, Regina received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in Greece in 2017. Since then, she has been incorporating her understandings of healing and yoga and Reiki into her teachings and bodywork sessions. Most recently, Regina has been studying the restorative and resilient capacities of the body, training in Yin and Myofascial release in Bali and Nada Yoga in Goa. Regina’s classes focuses on creating a sense of expansiveness for students to fully embody themselves in order to thrive in their spaces.  


Early Bird (pre-paid before March 24): US$30     After March 24: US$40