A drawing together of the traditional and the modern framework is at the heart of why yoga thrives today. From its simpler traditional start nearly 6,000 years ago in India, yoga has transformed into a dynamic practice that today reaches hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Its ability to remain relevant in changing times and cultures is testament to how its speaks to what humans around the world share in common be it a farmer, a victim of humanitarian crisis, an executive office worker. In this two-part workshop series, Kathy and Julie will teach you through both traditional and modern methods, why and how to make this practice even more relevant in all parts of your life. Through practices on the yoga mat, to the field, office space and into your own home, find out how to gain the benefits of a living yoga practice.  

Yoga, Samkhya and the Modern Twist on theTraditional Practice

Saturday Oct. 6, 10:30pm to 1:30pm

To understand what yoga is and why it defers in the first place from other forms of physical exercise requires an understanding of the philosophy behind it. While most people are familiar with the underlying concepts of yoga philosophy, the first session of this workshop will detail an easy-to-understand, captivating account of Samkhya philosophy, the mission statement of the practice, and its other half, yoga philosophy, a step-by-step approach to personal well-being. What is interesting about these two philosophies is that while they date back to thousands of years, they are still very much relevant to today's modern lifestyle. 

Julie will lead this first session with a discussion of the two philosophies that will be sure to transform how you arrive on your mat and approach your practice, as well as how the same applies off of your mat and into your work and personal lives. Julie has been leading discussions in Yoga and Samkhya for over five years. The discussions are dynamic and entertaining and broken down in a way that is accessible to all.

Following the discussion, you will be led through a strong physical practice. You will be guided through the practice with specific focus on where and how the various aspects of Samkhya and Yoga philosophy are applied in the physical practice so that at the end, you will have a thorough understanding through your own personal experience of what it really means to practice yoga. 

*This session uses movement as a primary method, so students should come prepared for a strong practice.


You may have practiced with Julie at YYH before. She's an instructor as well as partner at YYH. When she's not in Yangon teaching at the studio, you'll most likely find her in Luang Prabang, running the Luang Prabang Yoga co-op which she created, or holding   space   in   one   of   the many 

retreats that she holds every year in Northern Laos. Julie has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2011 after completing her initial training in Bali under the guidance of Rachel Hull, Anna Smallwood, Emil Wendel, James Newman and Dr. Sujatha Kekada. In 2014, she discovered Tripsichore Yoga and completed an intensive month-long training with founder Edward Clark and Nikki Durrant. Tripsichore has played a transformational role in how Julie practices and teaches yoga. She continues to study under the instruction of Edward Clark. As a teacher, Julie endeavors to take her students beyond asana, to discover how a complete yoga practice can positively impact life.


Saturday October 6, 10:30am to 1:30pm

Sunday October 7, 12:30pm to 3:30pm


US$40 for single session

US$70 for both sessions

* sessions can be taken individually, however we recommend taking both to understand the complete spectrum of the topic

Yoga in the Everyday - Taking the Practice off the Mat

Sunday Oct. 7, 12:30pm to 3:30pm

As a yoga practitioner we are sometimes faced with the difficulty to always understand how to transfer or connect the lessons we learn on the mat into our everyday lives. In this multidimensional, experiential 3-hour session, learn how find more presence in movement and experience asanas beyond the external. Use the body as a tool for deep self-inquiry to better understand our internal psyche - thoughts, desires, emotions and patterns - seeing how they also show up in our daily life. Explore powerful tools to break these difficult holding patterns. 


Kathy Gabriel combines highly effective traditional and contemporary embodiment and movement techniques to enhance your personal practice to improve the way you move, work, communicate, parent, love etc. Discover how your personal practice can impact the things you care most about and use that to build your own practice that is not only easy to commit to but truly honours what you need in life, both on and off the mat.


From asana, breath work, somatic meditation, conscious partner work, self inquiry and relational awareness practices. This session will leave you with more awareness, range of motion, integration and understanding how to have an intelligent practice that truly supports your daily life.

*This session uses movement as a primary method, so students should come prepared for a strong practice.


Kathy is an international yoga teacher currently based in Singapore. Although yoga and complementary health was always in her family, she only picked up yoga as a teenager during a spiritual seeking shortly after her mother passed. Through her practice, she learned to how find solace, balance 

and ease. This later hugely influenced the way she connects and teaches her students. Teaching since 2013, her classes draw from many different traditions which weave into an intuitive blend of Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Thai massage. She is also a trained sound healer and often incorporates sound therapy and mantra invocation in her classes. Through breath, philosophy and movement, she hopes to help you find what feels good and ultimately cultivate a deeper connection with yourself. Having led over 20 retreats in various locations around Asia since 2016, Kathy enjoys creating and holding space for others to further their personal development and spirituality. When she’s not leading workshops and retreats, she runs a mentorship programme for newly trained and seasoned yoga teachers alike who are aspiring to turn their passion into a successful business. She also runs a leading community collective called Urban Yogis in Singapore. Working with a community of Teachers from all over the world, Urban Yogis offers a unique, fun and accessible way for everyone to enjoy yoga outside of the traditional studio setting.