Samkar Lake, Kayah State

Wednesday October 3 - Monday October 9, 2018

About the Retreat

A training for the curious student, teacher, and aspiring teacher. Motivated beginners welcomed!

Live Your Yoga is about taking what we learn on our yoga mats and bringing it into our lives off of the mat. Under the guidance of Kathy and Julie, you will experience how yoga philosophy, breathing, and concepts of energetics are very much tangible and accessible tools that you can apply to your life as it is. We believe that there is a need for students, teachers, and aspiring teachers to have a space in which to further their knowledge and to immerse into an environment that will allow them to do so. Thus this retreat will take you to a largely untouched and remote location in beautiful Myanmar to focus entirely on what it means to really live the yoga lifestyle. 

Samkar Lake is the lesser-known lake, south of the famed Inle Lake. Phayartaung Village is located in Kayah State, the most recently opened state to tourism in Myanmar. On our last yoga retreat to Phayartaung, we learnt that recent programs that bring potable water and education to the villagers have vastly improved their lives. We were taken around by the friendly residents of the village who were incredibly curious and interested in yoga practice. So this time, we'll be taking you, our students, into the village to spend a couple of afternoons practicing and getting to know the people that will surely capture your hearts. 

Yoga is about connection to ourselves and to those around us. It is as much about receiving the benefits of the practice as it is about giving. Join us in October for a retreat that will inspire you to live your yoga in your life and off the mat!

About Your Teachers

You'll be joining  a dynamic pair of teachers with years of experience teaching in studios, outside of the studio setting, and have a combined experience of over seven years running retreats around Asia. Julie is the founder of Luang Prabang Yoga, a yoga cooperative in Luang Prabang, Laos, as well as Laos Yoga Retreats, which has been operating since 2013, running retreats and trainings in various locations in Laos. Most recently she started a new venture with her twin sister, Mentari Fit and Flow, fitness and yoga retreats that use the tools of yoga and mindfulness philosophy to help students create and maintain healthier lifestyles. Julie is also a co-owner and teacher at Yangon Yoga House. Kathy is an international yoga teacher, currently based in Singapore. She also runs a leading community collective called Urban Yogis in Singapore. Working with a community of Teachers from all over the world, Urban Yogis offers a unique, fun and accessible way for everyone to enjoy yoga outside of the traditional studio setting.

This retreat is structured as a training that is accessible to all levels of practitioners who are interested in the whole practice of yoga. You will also have plenty of time to explore this part of Kayah State, connect to the people who live in Phayartaung village, and take optional day hikes or bike rides to close-by nature attractions. 

We have a website that details the retreat and training in full. Please visit