Join Yogamour founder and visiting yoga instructor Rebeccah Bartlett for a weekend of workshops designed to stoke your inner fire. Through discussion, exploration, and asana, turn up your agni (inner fire) and work toward releasing and moving beyond areas of blocked energy to connect to your true nature, strengthen personal motivation, and focus your sense of purpose. All levels welcome. 


Saturday October 21  1 - 4 PM

YYH Yankin Location

Through the foundation of Kundalini yoga, this workshop is designed to help you discover the powerful practice of kriya which is the syncing of pranayama with repetitive movement and often mantra. They say 30 seconds of a kriya can equate to one year of spiritual growth. Following a discussion of the Ayurveda principles underlying the concept of kriyas, we will move into an invigorating kriya-based asana practice to move untapped energy and harness it with intention to send it out into the world.  By becoming more specific in our intentions of our practice, we will turn up our Agni (our inner fire) which will help us to digest our Ama, a Sanskrit term which translates into "that which is undigested". When we start to digest in our bodies and mind we become unstuck and make room for our rasa spirit. We will journey closer to optimal health where we become freer to be closer to our truest nature, to discover what makes us unique. This workshop is suggested for practitioners with a previous yoga practice. 


Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Rebeccah oversees Yogamour Global. Rebeccah discovered yoga at a young age from her aunt who was a yoga teacher. She didn't embrace yoga until she was 22 however, when she began to take classes at a local studio. The gates opened and yoga became a complete healing process, both physically and mentally. Deciding to explore the world and her love for yoga, she ended up volunteering

at a school in a “slum” of India. The children were restless so Rebeccah involved the entire school in a morning practice of yoga before each day began, which did wonders for the kids’ attention spans. It seemed to Rebeccah that she had found her place. Upon returning to the U.S., she decided the next chapter of her life would be yoga teacher training. The training (RYT 200-hour) only confirmed that she made the right choice. Her study of yoga has been influenced  by teachers such as Seane Corn, Shiva Rae, Sarah Ivanhoe, Faith Hunter, Kathryn Budig, Coby Kozlowski and Rosey Mann as she's developed a unique style of playful vinyasa to open both heart and mind as well as applying her deep studies of Aryuveda and anatomy to keep her students walking away with plenty of new discoveries from each practice. 
Rebeccah continues to deepen her practice and has been amazed by the doors it has opened. Her ultimate passion is to intertwine her yoga community with volunteerism.


Sunday October 22nd  from 1 - 4 PM

YYH Yankin Location

Learn to cultivate your yoga practice to become more than simply a physical practice. By combining asana, open discussion and intermittent journaling, we will delve into a deeper exploration of the self in this workshop to better understand how we can become more responsible for our role in the world and more connected to both our karma and our dharma.  We will practice the sacred flow of 108 sun salutations with breaks in between to restore in yin postures. During pauses, we will take time to allow you to reflect on your self knowledge with guidance for inspired journaling to start to create a plan of action unique to you.  There is weight in words and taking the time to physically feel them and let them then work their way out on to paper will allow you to leave the mat with a clearer understanding of your dharma and how to put it into action. Pens and paper will be provided, however we encourage participants to bring their own personal journal or notebook.


Each 3-hour session: $40

Both workshops (6 hours): $75

EARLY BIRD discount if paid before October 9: $35 /session, $60 for both workshops


Limited to 18 spots per workshop.


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