Breathe. Bend. Stretch. Sweat. Twist. reset. Feel great. Repeat.

At Yangon Yoga House, we believe in providing fun, challenging and rewarding ways to feel great through movement. Our certified, English-speaking instructors lead classes for every one at every level of fitness from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. Come to sweat and raise your heartbeat, or restore and melt the tension away.

For the safety of everyone, we are closing the studio again due to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases in Yangon. After much reflection, we decided not to revert to a full schedule of online classes since many of us already experience screen fatigue from day-to-day work. Instead, we are offering a small selection of curated special classes so that we can stay connected and continue to practice together:

JOIN US ONLINE or by by recording

Monday 18:00 | Conditioning or Gentle practice (60m)
Wednesday 7:30 | Vinyasa flow + meditation (45m)
Saturday 10:30 | Asana Clinic practice + workshop (90m)

If you can, we highly encourage you to join us live on zoom to keep each other accountable and share in community. Videos will be uploaded after the class. These classes are not available via the video library pass, you must register directly for the class in order to access the post-class recording.

You may book the online class with any active class pass.**  To drop in for a single class, make a donation of any amount from $1 upwards using the online class donation pass. The donation pass is a single use pass, there is also a 5-class online pass for those who plan to attend more classes.

**The video library pass is only valid for Wednesday class. To access the other online classes, please use the donation pass.

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Monday September 28 | 18:00 - 19:00

This class combines the full-body workout of a HIIT class with the mindfulness and delicious stretching of a yoga practice led by Jerome. We will begin with a yoga flow to warm the body before raising your heart rate through a series of cardio and strength exercises targeting different muscle groups. Towards the end of the class, we will bring the heart rate back down with a slow moving yoga postures to cool down to lengthen muscles and relax the body. 

ASANA CLINIC: Balanced Backbends
Saturday October 3 | 10:30 - 12:00

This 90-minute asana clinic is a combination of a practice and workshop led by Claudia. The focus of this class is on establishing space for balanced and safe backbends. We will use intelligent sequencing to progressively prepare the body for heart opening postures. Learn to create more spaciousness in the body and work towards wheel pose (urdva danurasana) with integrity and balance in the lumber spine.

October 5 - 31, 2020 | various times
Elevate your endurance and strength in this 28-day virtual bootcamp combining a mix of cardio, strength, conditioning and yoga to take your fitness to the next level. Delivered through zoom livestream every weekday with 30 - 45 minute sessions progressing in intensity throughout the month. Weekends are for rest and relaxation, with optional yoga sessions to help you release and unwind. Stay at home, but stay moving! 
ASANA CLINIC: Chaturanga Deymstified
Chaturanga Dandasana is a fundamental pose in a vinyasa practice, but it is both an advanced and complex pose that is commonly dubbed "shoulder shredder" because of the risk it poses  when practiced with poor alignment. 
In this asana clinic, we will unpack the common misalignments of this pose and practice drills and exercises to refine and build strength toward a sustainable chaturanga for YOUR body. We will look at transitions into and out of chaturanga, and options for modifying the pose without losing out on strength building. 
September 18 - 20, 2020 | POSTPONED
Join Claudia and Jojo for a weekend yoga retreat at Awei Metta Resort in the lush and peaceful oasis of Pun Hlaing Estate. This retreat will offer yoga practitioners of all levels the chance to delve deeper into various aspects of the yoga practice from mindfulness to breath mechanics to refining alignment and beyond. mmerse yourself in 9+ hours of yoga practices and workshops, relax by the salt water pool or enjoy the club's recreational facilities including 18-hole golf, tennis courts, and full-service spa. 
*October 29, 30 and November 2 are national holidays)
Celebrate the end of monsoon season with a long weekend yoga retreat in the secluded paradise of the Mergui Archipelago. This retreat is an opportunity to nourish yourself, uplift your spirit and relax your body, while deepening, or perhaps beginning, your yoga practice.  In between morning energetic yoga practice and evening workshops and therapeutic sessions, discover the natural beauty of this island with jungle trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving (optional) and beach walks.

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