Saturday March 26  2 - 5 PM


First sweat, then surrender. The first two hours of this workshop are a powerful, upbeat vinyasa flow practice, coupling a great playlist with Levi’s light-hearted delivery and deep, sincere commitment to the practice.


Vinyasa flow is based upon the traditions of Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, with a more creative slant. Levi marries the traditional focus on bandhas, drishti, and ujjayi breath with fun flows and hot, sweaty postures to give you a powerful workout – or should that be work-in?

You’ll touch your limits, and then surpass them, reaching beyond what you thought you were capable of. In the process, you’ll discover that you can do things you didn’t imagine were possible for you, reprogramming your mind and shifting your entire outlook.


The final hour is a time to unwind and go deep, offering you the opportunity to release long-held tensions and patterns. Allow the body to surrender into restorative poses and feeling your heart melt as you absorb the power of the vinyasa practice and walk out of the studio transformed.


Sunday March 27  2 - 5 PM


Pranayama is the bridge between the physical elements of the practice and the esoteric ones. Traditionally, yogis saw all that bending and stretching as a prelude to the real work of sitting in meditation.


This workshop will connect you with the energetic and physical components of the yogic breath, and the experience of being breathed by the vastness of the universe. Practical and profound, you’ll learn the yogic breathing techniques that unleash prana (life-force energy), and the foundations of a personal pranayama practice.


Yoga nidra is an immensely powerful tool for accessing and discarding limiting patterns and beliefs, and for connecting with previously undiscovered potencies and potentials. By relaxing the body totally, and focusing your attention on your bodily sensations and breathing, you’ll tune into your heart’s desires and deepest intentions.


These two practices together create a sweet connection to your innermost self. This workshop will be a gift to yourself from yourself. Come breath and relax.

Arizona, in 2007, when he stopped eating meat and sugar, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and using drugs.

Following that training, Levi lived with a shaman in Sedona for a couple of months, then moved to Portland to live in all-male spiritual community named The Men’s Vision House, where he taught yoga and studied pranayama, meditation, and Iyengar restorative yoga. By this time, the narrow channel he’d originally opened was becoming a rushing torrent.

It was during the five years he lived in The Men’s Vision House that he visited Guatemala to deepen his yoga and shamanic studies, and also India to study with his teacher, O.P. Tiwari. More recently, as he’s combined his love of yoga and astrology with breathwork, it feels as if those three rivers are flowing together to become a great ocean, with the support of other disciplines such as leading cacao ceremonies. All of them, of course, underpinned by the breath.


For Levi, true yoga resides in the breath. It’s the difference between simply stretching and opening a channel to profound realization. That channel has expanded considerably since he first experienced it while he was a breakdancer. From a trickle, it’s become a stream, and now a full-fledged river. Perhaps the biggest single influence was his first yoga teacher training, in Sedona,  





Each 3-hour session: $45

Both workshops (6 hours): $80

EARLY BIRD discount if paid before March 1: $35 /session, $65 for both workshops



Vinyasa & Restorative: For anyone who wants to sweat and have fun and also then might want to relax and go deep, from advanced to beginner practitioners

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra:  No prior experience ncessary. Pregnancy and moon cycle are not recommended in pranayama practice.



Limited to 20 spots per workshop! Reserve your spot by completing the registration form here