January 28 & January 29, 2017 at YYH Downtown

Join Partner Acrobatics and YogaSlackers teachers of More Than Dreaming Kendra Charts & Francis Tabin for a weekend of reprogramming how you handle fear and failure and watching your cant’s turn into can’s. Weekend workshops:


Saturday January 28 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Natural flexibility is a blessing and a challenge. It allows accessibility to many poses but often at the cost of integrity of the body.  Yoga is a practice and one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to make it a strong and sustainable one.

This workshop will help flexy yogi's and yogini's find and build their inner and outer strength. Imagine creating beautiful, expressive backbends and balance poses with less pain and precariousness and more power and stability.  Learn how to keep your core tight and invert safely with control.  Explore how it feels to empower your practice and  move with fierce flexibility!


Sunday January 29 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Most yogis don't have a problem with their yoga practice until they encounter a seemingly impossible pose, stall progress, or even sustain injury trying to do a pose exactly like how pictures or videos do. 

Discover how proper knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and common sense is more important than looking for alignment or achieving the pose. It can lead to accessible, injury-free progress in your practice. Learn how to make the practice fit different body types and fitness levels.  And through basic adjustments and acroyoga poses, find how you can actually assist someone to get to levels that seem out of reach.

About Kendra Charts & Francis Tabin

We help yogi’s and acroyogi’s overcome their struggles to thrive in their AcroYoga practice and life. With a focus on creativity, technique and intelligent practice, we turn obstacles into self exploration and inspiration making AcroDreams a reality.


Kendra is a 200hr RYT Vinyasa Yoga instructor, with certifications from YogaSlackers, Partner Acrobatics, and  Ayurveda Education. Growing up on Indian Reservations in the Southwest U.S., she studied Yoga

under her gifted mother and learned early how to cultivate the sacred teachings of nature, alignment and a refreshing perspective. Kendra’s students praise her for providing feedback and support to safely challenge one another to DO things we’re afraid of and open up possibilities to evolve as a person.

Francis holds certifications as a 200hr RYT Turbodog Yoga instructor and in Partner Acrobatics. He applies biomechanics, rhythm, creativity and performance to his teachings.  He strongly believes that the practice changes for each individual, and has particularly specialized in yoga adjustments and modifications for physiques with more mass (fat or muscle) and acrobatics in particular for smaller bases.

Together they are founder’s of More Than Dreaming and have worked with 2,000+ students worldwide.  These days you can find them living and working in Bali.


Sunday January 29 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Acroyoga is practicing yoga outside of our solitary selves. It is working towards the things we look for in our yoga practice within the context of everyday life, complete with relationships, connection and other people. That makes it twice as hard and twice as easy than practicing yoga by ourselves on our mats.


In this workshop, discover what your yoga-cultivated self can bring into or even take away from a relationship, and how things change drastically when it's not just our self we have to worry about. Just as we achieve great feats by finding our best self through yoga, discover the great heights that can be reached by finding the sweet spot between one another.


Each 3-hour session: $45

Three workshops (9 hours): $108

EARLY BIRD discount if registered and pre-paid before January 15, 2017: $35/session, $90 for three workshops



All levels welcome! For Acrolibrium on Sunday 2 - 5PM:  attendance in Fierce Flexibility and Yogadjustments Workshops OR familiarity with basing or flying Acroyoga poses bird, throne and star.


Yangon Yoga House Downtown Studio


Limited to 20 spots per workshop! Reserve your spot by completing the registration form below