We are all different in height, weight, gender and character. But our common possession is the body's inner power to heal itself. Only problem is, most of us have become somewhat detached from our inner body and have forgotten how to listen to our body and its voice. The guidelines of Ayurveda, taken from ancient Vedic books have taught humans for over thousands of years the proper use of all senses and how to create a healthy lifestyle. It teaches that each individual possesses certain characteristic physical and mental traits that are fixed at the moment of conception and persist throughout that individual’s existence. Taking into account the individuals’ behaviour, ideal daily and seasonal routines and diet, India’s ancient system of health and healing aids us to make the best of our human experience on Mother Earth. Your own definition of Ayurveda will evolve and change as you study yourself, experience yourself through meditation, Yoga and the like; as you start expressing yourself and change habits to a more supportive nature. Allow Ayurveda into your Life and experience yourself enjoying the positive effects it has on your digestion, thoughts, experiences, anything you surround yourself with generally, people, places and climate. 


With insights into Ayurveda, you will learn more on how to create Your healthy lifestyle, in every day life and in your diet. We will look into how we are responsible for the intakes to our body, where these intakes take place and how they effect our body, mind and soul. We will guide you to see - what can I sense and feel in this particular living organism, i.e. in my body, and what can I do to move towards a healthier state and stay in a healthy state? When diagnosing yourself, all aspects of life are involved, any relationships in life to things, people, situations, emotions. To live "ayurvedically" is to live in Harmony with all these things in and around yourself.


Ayurveda uses categories for three types of body and mind constitutions called the Doshas, which are a combination of 5 major elements that make up the universe. For all Doshas, asana practice compliments the positive aspect of each, while at the same time teaches us what we need to do to come into balance. An Ayurvedic flow has organic movement and will stoke the body’s fire at the right time and help spread energy towards all parts of the body. Learn how to increase energy when feeling lethargic or to contain energy when the body and mind are overactive. 

What Combination are you?

What does your constitution say about your optimal lifestyle?


  • Identify your personal and unique Ayurvedic constitution based on your physical traits, personality and tendencies

  • Learn how to identify imbalances within your body and mind and how to bring yourself into balance through diet, lifestyle and physical activity

  • Food combinations that bring about balance as well as food combinations that lead to imbalance and produce toxins

  • Based on your constitution, how to practice yoga asana in a way that will help you to create and maintain balance.

  • This is an experiential workshop that includes discussion and asana practice, as well as introspection. You are encouraged to come with an open view towards yourself.


Antje practiced different types of yoga for 15 years until she moved to Thailand for a job. In Chiang Mai she started practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa on a regular basis and only then did the Prana really hit her and she understood what is meant by 'Yoga is something I am, not something I do'. She wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind this movement therapy   and

spread the Love. Numerous workshops and the iflow Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali with Amy Pastore gave her the knowledge and courage to find 'her kind of yoga' and teach it. Antje's teaching style is fluid, modern, playful and dancy, reflecting the many sports and different types of yoga that have influenced her practice. She has been teaching yoga locally and internationally since 2013. Her classes are a perfect balance between intensity and centering and will leave students feeling high and smiling for hours. 





(if booked and paid in full by January 7)