Advance (verb): To move forward in a purposeful way

Join international yoga teachers Tristina Kennedy and Michael Fong for an enriching weekend immersion! Each module will expand your understanding of alignment, sequencing, playful asana, and a mix of pranayama and meditation. This training is for both dedicated students and yoga teachers!


Saturday September 30th from 12 - 5 PM

Align Your Body
Aligning your body can be confusing and cumbersome. Fortunately, there are simple tools that create more balance action and freedom in your poses. Learn how to become more grounded and supported in your yoga practice by applying our effective 5-step alignment system.

Balanced Sequencing
Constructing a well-rounded sequence is a key component to the longevity of your practice. It is a way to approach movement intuitively and intelligently. Learn how to sequence postures in a purposeful way that will inform your teaching and/or build a sustainable home practice.

Breathe Deep
Breath is a defining factor in yoga and a regular pranayama practice is truly transformative to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Learn about the anatomy and energetics of breathing and how to incorporate these techniques into your yoga/meditation practices for more profound results.


Sunday October 1st from 12 - 5 PM

Inversions, Arm Balances, Backbends
These challenging postures have many therapeutic qualities, but can also be very intimidating. Learn how to approach these demanding categories of yoga poses in a safe and effective way using strength-building drills, props, and partner work. Leap over your fear with receive proper instruction and support to play with these exciting postures!


Peak Pose Sequencing
The complexity of peak poses can be simplified by breaking down the different components of the postures. Learn to organize simple movements to build towards more demanding poses. Revive curiosity and play in your teaching and understand how to work towards your favorite challenging poses in your home practice.

Fire & Ice Pranayama Meditation
Yoga is the linking or union of opposites. Dive into the duality of the life force energy within you! Play with combining multiple forms of invigorating & calming pranayama techniques. Bring balance to your nervous system and experience meditation in an entirely new way.


You may join either day as a stand-alone module or come for the whole weekend!

$75 per day, $130 for the whole 10-hour immersion
EARLY BIRD discount if registered by Sept 9: $65 per day, $115 for both days


Tristina Kennedy and Michael Fong are the founders of Roots to Wings Yoga, an international yoga school. The two met through yoga and have built a life sharing their love of yoga and travel together. Based in Sacramento, California, they have established their roots through serving a local community of devoted students with weekly classes, workshops, and annual training programs. Each year they spread their wings to travel abroad, leading retreats and programs that empower students in their practice and expand perspectives of the world around them.
Their teaching methods are informed by devoted personal practices, combined with thousands of hours studying an array of yoga and movement modalities with respected teachers. Tristina and Michael are known for creating challenging, yet accessible practices for students of all levels. They have a knack for weaving in elements of yogic philosophy, anatomy, music, and FUN into their teachings. Their collective experiences and converging paths in yoga have brought them together in a dynamic way that they are excited to share with you!