Join us for a weekend of fun & empowering partner acrobatics. Come alone or with a partner, all levels welcome!

Partner Handstands

Saturday 10a – 12:30p


A person is smarter than a wall-- the most efficient, safe and fun way to train handstands is with a partner! Unlock the mystery of balancing on your hands step-by step, going from strong foundations to subtle refinements, while learning the art of coaching and spotting each other.

AcroYoga Lunar

Saturday 2p – 4:30p


Lunar is all about healing techniques of therapeutic flying. As a base, learn to balance someone on your hands and feet with minimum effort while offering controlled stretches in the air. As a flyer, experience the stillness and the yummy healing benefits of stretches through  inverted gravity.

AcroYoga Solar

Sunday 2p – 4:30p


The solar session will focus on more dynamic forms of balancing and acrobatic partnership, playing with inversions while giving you tools to keep your practice safely and productively. This knowledge will be applied to basing & flying. We will alternate static poses and dynamic flows.

are now integrated in his practice and teaching: ArcoYoga, Tulayoga, acrobatics, tango, meditation and Thai massage.

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From martial art and scientific backgrounds, Marc now travels the world sharing his love for both ancestral and modern practices of yoga. He started exploring yogas over 12 years ago, on the way discovering disciplines which





Each 2.5 session: $30

All 3 workshops (7.5 hours): $75



No acroyoga or handstand experience required! All levels welcome, partner not necessary. While the workhops are designed around a common theme of partnership in yoga, each workshop can be taken separately.



Limited to 16 spots! Reserve your spot by completing the registration form here