Yangon Yoga House was born out of a desire to bring together the growing community of yogis in Myanmar's capital city under one roof. We opened our doors in May 2014 as the first English-speaking yoga studio in Myanmar. 

Our mission is to bring you a fun, challenging and uplifting experience every time you step on the mat. We understand that yoga is not for everyone, and so in addition to yoga, we also offer a variety of other fitness options including barre, pilates and conditioning classes. In a city where outdoor options can be limited, we strive to bring to our community the ability to integrate movement into your every day life for a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.


Yangon Yoga House

Alan Pya Pagoda Rd. No. 36 (A & B) 
Mingalar Township, Yangon, Myanmar
We are located down a small lane opposite Park Royal Hotel. At the top of the lane is a sign for FASHMOB and several orange rubbish bins. Walk down the lane, our studio is in the building across from the courtyard. 
Nourish Cafe and Bliss Beauty Bar are also located here. You enter the studio through Nourish Cafe.
**NOTICE** We have been informed that parking spaces in the courtyard is only available for residents, so there is no customer parking available directly in front of the cafe. We recommend parking your car at Park Royal Hotel on the opposite side of the street. 
  • Free mats for use (we recommend to bring your own if you have one) 

  • Two hot showers with great water pressure. Towels are available for rent for 1,000ks

  • Complimentary water refill station

  • Small supply of high-quality mats, cork blocks, and yoga apparel for purchase not available elsewhere in Myanmar

  • Changing room and cubbies for storing personal belongings


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Jojo Yang - Studio Founder

A New Yorker at heart, Jojo started her yoga practice in 2007, mainly downward dogging in hotel rooms and airport lounges while traveling across America as a management consultant. In 2014, she left her corporate job in London to chase her dreams of wearing leggings professionally, receiving her 200-hour teaching certification in Bali from Vidya Heisel, founder of Frog Lotus Yoga. Shortly afterwards, she landed in Myanmar, opened the first English-speaking yoga studio and hasn't worn a pencil skirt ever since. Jojo has attended trainings in yin yoga with David Kim, mandala vinyasa & tripsichore with The Yoga People London, yoga therapeutics with Daphne Chua as well as many immersions and workshops. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring the practice to meet the needs of the individual in both dynamic and slower practices.


Jerome - Studio Founder

A recovered former Banker working in France and UK, Jerome found himself opening a yoga studio in 2015 with Jojo shortly after relocating to Myanmar.  After a year of managing the operational side of the business, in 2016, Jerome took the plunge and completed his 200HR TTC with Michael Fong and Tristina Kennedy, founders of Roots to Wings Yoga. Jerome embarked on the training primarily to deepen his own knowledge and self practice, however coming off the training he was immediately bullied by his wife to start teaching. Surprised to discover that he enjoyed it, Jerome now teaches on his own free will.  Jerome firmly believes in modifying the practice to suit the individual and focusing on strength training as a path to finding more ease and elasticity.

Imogen - Yoga Teacher

Imogen hails from London, England and trained under the expert eye of Katy Appleton and teaches dynamic Vinyasa flow decended from the Krishnamacharya lineage. More recently she enhanced her teaching becoming one of Judith Hanson Lasater's Relax and Renew® certified restorative yoga teachers and is currently in the process of completing her 500hrs with Tiffany Cruikshank to become a Yoga Medicine certified teacher. She has been practising yoga since her teens and has a background in reiki and the energetic body. Imogen believes yoga is the key to balance in life both on and off the mat.  With breath being central to her classes Imogen combines uplifting sequencing with a simple yet potent lunar antidote. Through her teaching she hopes to inspire possibility, self-awareness and self-nourishment. Imogen fiercely believes that yoga is for everyone, that it is a vital tradition that transcends all race and religion, fundamental in all of our lives more so now than ever before.  She is grateful to all her teachers and to those who have touched her on her yoga path.

Abi - Yoga Teacher

Yoga became a part of Abi's life when she was at university and through the years she learnt from teachers from a variety of traditions. In 2012 she trained as a children's yoga teacher with Yoga Bananas in the UK, going on to teach in schools and nurseries. The following years saw her deepen her practice with a focus on meditation, training in a form of Zen meditation. In 2018, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Samasti Yoga in Bali and now takes inspiration from the various practices and teachings which she has, and continues to be, engaged with. For Abi, the essence of yoga is to bring oneself into closer contact with the body, develop a greater awareness of the self and ultimately to connect with the infinite beauty of the present moment.

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Andrea - Yoga Teacher

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Andrea's yoga journey began over fourteen years ago in a school gymnasium with an Introduction to Hatha class. Since then, she has grown her yoga and meditation practice, leading her to complete a 200 hour YTT at the Hari Om Vidya Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. Andrea enjoys teaching dynamic Hatha Vinyasa flows as well as restorative practices. Committed to creating a welcoming and enriching space, her classes are open to students of all levels, including those who have never stepped onto a mat.     

Anna - Yoga Teacher

Anna is a movement enthusiast and a long time vinyasa yoga practitioner. She completed her first yoga teacher training in New York in 2009, and has been continuously studying and teaching ever since. Anna’s teaching draws from both strong and dynamic as well as soft and reflective styles of yoga. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to guide her students through their own experience on the mat, letting them delve into the challenges and joys of the practice. Her classes combine creative flows with precision alignment as she strives to offer a balanced practice that will invigorate the body, calm the mind, and spark the spirit. Anna’s holistic expertise includes Restorative and Yin Yoga, Thai massage and Reiki

Annie - Yoga Teacher

Annie started her Yoga journey 9 years ago in the footsteps of Himalayas in Islamabad, Pakistan. She completed her 200 hr YTT at Radiantly Alive in Bali with James Mattingley and Persia Juliet, who encouraged her to share her practice. 

She experiences Yoga from the perspective of self-devotion and discipline. Her teaching style is simple and fun while simultaneously focusing on safe alignment and intelligent sequencing. She has set an intention to explore yoga for kids, and design a yoga module that supports especially those who serve others through their daily life. 

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Claudia - Yoga Teacher

In October, 2009 Claudia gifted herself the best birthday present she has yet to indulge in: a month-long beginner special at her nearby yoga studio in New York. At the time, Claudia suffered from lower back pain (born from years of dancing ballet) that was severe enough she sometimes couldn't bend down to tie her shoelaces. In addition to teaching her the art of listening to the body, yoga has taught Claudia the grounding potential of focusing on the breadth. She completed her Anusara inspired 200hr YTT certification in Thailand with Pranaya Yoga in 2016 and has since been teaching classes that combine a focus on physical alignment with playful sequencing

Isla - Yoga Teacher

Isla has been practicing yoga since 1996, when she was first introduced to yoga as part of her professional training at London Contemporary Dance School in the UK. Isla has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and has taught classes in Thailand, Myanmar, and in the USA. With previous experience teaching movement classes in the UK for pre-/ante-natal, older persons, and persons with a range of health conditions, Isla is able to tailor her classes to suit all levels. Isla leads her classes with full attention on participants’ alignment, energy and mind body connection, and fully believes in the power of yoga, both on and off the mat, to support healthy, balanced and positive lifestyles. Isla obtained her 200-hour teacher training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India.

Karima - Pilates Instructor

Karima qualified as a Pilates instructor while working as a primary schoolteacher in the United Arab Emirates. She attended her first Pilates class in 2012 and has never looked back. She obtained her Pilates Matwork Certificate through Conscience Movement Education in Cape Town, South Africa. Karima is a keen runner and regularly enjoys playing team sports, she has become a great believer in one of Joseph Pilates’ most famous quotes "The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power."

Kyle - Yoga Teacher

Kyle began practicing yoga to balance the ultra-ambitious and competitive lifestyle in Washington DC where she found an outlet in power, rocket and ashtanga-based practices, choosing work-life balance on her hands instead.  She completed Mimi Rieger's 200 hour training in 2015 and recently finished a 100 hour Rocket Yoga training in Bali.  Her classes are warm and dynamic where she'll encourage students to explore and maybe try something new.  

Meg - Yoga Teacher

Meg loves practicing any form of yoga and is excited to share the practice with you. She will bring you through a vinyasa class that incorporates both graceful and challenging asana with strong emphasis on the breath as a guiding tool for taking you deeper within the practice. While supporting students to be mindful of proper alignment and the body’s natural limits, she works to bring a positive and focused energy to the room. After completing her 200 hour in Washington DC with teachers from classical hatha yoga traditions, she has more recently begun practicing Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga. After more than a decade practicing yoga, Meg still loves being a student and is currently taking an online course with DC-based Ashtanga teacher Jen Rene (primary series) and an online yoga anatomy mentorship with DC-based yoga teacher and physical therapist Dr. Ariele Foster.

Regina - Yoga Teacher

Regina completed her 200 hour YTT in Crete with Swaha Yoga Center. She has a background in Traditional Asian Medicine from Berkeley Acupuncture Institute (400 hour certificate) and has continued her studies in Asia with Thai Massage, Reiki and Medical Qi Gong.  Regina’s goal is to restore the body to wholeness. She integrates self-care into her yoga classes by incorporating energy body awareness and self massage. Regina especially enjoys teaching restorative and gentle yoga classes.

Win Ma Ma Aye - Yoga Teacher

To Win Ma Ma Aye, yoga means movement with awareness and breath. Win Ma Ma Aye, a native of Shan State in Myanmar, had her first yoga class in 2004 in Washington DC while she was studying there. She started practicing yoga more regularly in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2011, her home for three years. Win Ma Ma Aye has been a regular practitioner at Yangon Yoga House where she practiced hundreds of hours and several yoga styles including Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and alignment before she completed her alignment-based Hatha and Vinyasa 200-hour Pranaya teachers' training at Wild Rose, Chiang Mai, in 2018. In addition, Win Ma Ma Aye has also completed 35-hour yoga therapeutics and bodywork immersion with Daphne in 2017 in Laos. Win Ma Ma Aye  teaches Vinyasa and Hatha yoga with a focus on alignment and movement with the energy from breathing

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